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welcome to the world of nellifant

Created by a mum of two littlies. nellifant aims to present lovely things for little poeple's lives. Whether it be art for their walls, clothing, toys or invitations.

How did nellifant start? In 2004 a graphic designer mum was looking for somehting to put on her daughter's walls. Nothing appealed at the time, so I created some animals that we could talk about together. Through them she learned all the noises the animals made, and soon she was asking for more pictures, so I kept drawing.

When my son was born I started devising some boys imagery ( tractors, fireengines, planes and even dinosaurs). Recent additions include Personalised 'manga" portraits and alphabets to keep up with my own children's desires to read and write.

fully customised designs

Through my role as design director at wipasnapa I have created some specific nellifant products that I can now offer as self customised designs which can be created in a simple-to-use online environment. If you need me to create special works for you I can easily do that as well and you can buy them as self print jpgs to create your own items from.